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The company established in 2012 just after The True LORD God's Book, << Holy Bible.New>>(first Edition)published.This company observed << Holy Bible.New >>(--- The Heavely Holy Bible; the second edition)as its spiritual Guide BOOK, while meanwhile also observed <<Holy Bible>>(such as King James Version) being its major reference as one of the true Christian companies on this planet Earth.This company is a multi-functional private profit company; yet meanwhile it also handles non-profit businesses,taking part into social political,economical and cultural affair; working on the social goodness, family and personal true happiness,worldwide peace and better living conditions of the entire human beings on the Earth; and caring general positive development of the entire human beings today and future. We believe in The True LORD God Of The Entire Universes, for He was, is and will be The Only True and Living real LORD God Of the entire universes, and of the entire human beings and of the entire intelligence beings of the entire universes. The major business of the company  is book publishing, travel and holiday business, meanwhile we also provide different office service, business service and finance service. This company is a national wide and meanwhile also an international company. And its head quarter is located in Australia, owned and operated by Australians. It is also a joined affiliate of many other companies around the world.

Company News updated: 17/12/2019

A. Dear Readers, WORLDZHONG PTY.LTD. has decided to update its company news for both of the company employees and also for the entire public. Please Note: All the other news, though, have become Old, yet still valid. Anyone who is trying to find more  details please do so. There is only one thing that is important for all: The company operating place had changed. And the new operating place now is still  pending. The headquarter will be located in Perth, WA. And we have got the temporary mailing address.  The company will be doing its best as soon as possible settling this matter. Please pay attention to the entire development. 

B. The company continually suffering criminals secret attacking, according long investigations, those criminals are international criminal groups, backup with very strong political background, U.S.A. and China secret agents are major members of such criminal activities, they are focus on the best human resources, such as experts, scientists, specialists and famous authors, according to their political interests, trying hard to exercising political domination, 

forcing them secret accept their political requirements. Those secret criminals continually endanger the entire human beings and the world. 

C. The company director is now visiting Russia. He is also encountering those secret criminals tracing in Russia. In unauthorized estimation, those criminals very possible finding Russian's counterparts to secretly attacking him. Please pay attention to the new development of this matter. 

D. The director visited today's Russia that is not the old communism Russia, though, Russian communist party still exist and activity, yet non-communism individuals have many more developments, Russia economy today is much better than the old period in which under the communist one party dictatorship ruling, which is showing that their 1989 anti-communism victory was a correct activities that have brought today's Russian' prosperous economy and markets plenty for the entire Russian Peoples. 

E. Russia visiting had changing Australian's eyes concerning about Russia today, Russia is the biggest country in the world, Russian people are working hard and have many new achievements. It is a big opportunity for entire Australians. Such big opportunity would even can compare with that of U.S.A. and that of China's to all Australians and to Australia Economy.  Russia today's prosperous can be comparing with that China's and that of the United State of Americans'. However, they are creative, their model is new and unique. The director had wrote his daily note concerning this visit, which have been sent to Western Australian news paper for publications. Since for the consideration of the news paper interests, here those notes would not publish until the Western Australian news paper publish. The company still waiting for the responding of The Western Australian now. 

F. Russian people are preparing for Christmas, the whole country has its big festival decoration, the entire nation is very busy. Russian religion is a multi-religion country, however, Christianity is the major one, it is not Catholic, though, Catholic is also one of major Christians'denominations. In Russia, there is no homosexuals, though, you might be able to see occasionally here or there, having some similar phenomena. However, you would not see any mix colors or mix color flag(s) to show them supporting homosexuality, which have brought the fine consequence for Russian people high population quality. Although, born disability are still exiting, however, in comparison, Russian's population quality might be the highest in the world! In deed, this thing should cause the entire west world to think again carefully for those homosexual legalization! The Heavenly Christian has given prior very serious warning U.S.A. and Australia, the disaster of the extinction would be unavoidable if those countries continually in stubborn carrying on such abnormal philosophy and mental preference! Homosexual is one kind of mental illness that would endanger the entire human beings, particularly, endanger the human being quality!  

G. The Heavenly Holy Bible, that is, <<HOLY BIBLE.NEW>>, has its own new edition, 2019 Literary Edition, this new Edition is a better Edition than all the other old edition, for the Author had taken tough security in edit this Book, even though he is still suffering persecution. This edition would not have its ebook, though a ebook ISBN has assigned to it. We have chosen some parts of this edition for public reading, if anyone who would like order this book, please write your email to:, at the moment, we has only the hard cover version in the price: $186 USD, Or $ 270 AUD per book. 

You need to pay in advance though bank deposit: For All international customers, here are the detail for your bank payment:

Australia Commonwealth Bank, Big Code: 

BSB: 063147 ;

Account No. 1069 3181, 


In your email, please write your contact your contact details: 1. Your Full Name in your passport or in one your legal document, 2. Your mailing and delivering address for international delivering, 3. You mobile phone number, 4. your landline phone number if you have any(optional). All international mailing fee would be charged $ 70 USD on the top of the book price. please meanwhile including your full payment receipt or taking a screenshot for your internet payment receipt to send to us.

For Australia Customers, here are the details for your bank payment:

Commonwealth Bank, 


BSB: 063147,

Account No. 1069 3181, 

Your email should tell us your contact details: 1. Your Full Name in your passport, 2. Your mailing and delivering address, 3. Your mobile phone number ; 4. your landline phone number(optional), 5. payment receipt or a screenshot of your internet payment receipt.   

H. The Heaven Holy Bible has its first foreign language translation book, that is Russian language Book. For the 2019 Literary Edition would have been translated into Russian. 

 I. The Original Thesis of the director of WORLDZHONG PTY.LTD. "On the Three Fundamental Factor of Economics and Their Elasticity", open published in this website today (14/12/2018), yesterday should be a formal published day for this Thesis had been made legal DEPOSIT to the State Library of Queensland(13/12/2018),please click on the button of the right to view the thesis:

J. A new division of Business of WORLDZHONG PTY.LTD. has been set up for every Australian, please click the button on the right for more details: