A Heavenly Christian Company and The Unlimited Opportunity Provider For Everyone

ABN: 28 160 814 424; ACN: 160 814 424
Mobile: 0437868996
Business Mailing Address: GPO 261 Queen Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000. 

The company established in 2012 just after The True LORD God's Book, << Holy Bible.New>>(first Edition)published.This company observed << Holy Bible.New >>(--- The Heavely Holy Bible; the second edition)as its spiritual Guide BOOK, while meanwhile also observed <<Holy Bible>>(such as King James Version) being its major reference as one of the true Christian companies on this planet Earth.This company is a multi-functional private profit company; yet meanwhile it also handles non-profit businesses,taking part into social political,economical and cultural affair; working on the social goodness, family and personal true happiness,worldwide peace and better living conditions of the entire human beings on the Earth; and caring general positive development of the entire human beings today and future. We believe in The True LORD God Of The Entire Universes, for He was, is and will be The Only True and Living real LORD God Of the entire universes, and of the entire human beings and of the entire intelligence beings of the entire universes. The major business of the company  is book publishing, travel and holiday business, meanwhile we also provide different office service, business service and finance service. This company is a national wide and meanwhile also an international company. And its head quarter is located in Australia, owned and operated by Australians. It is also a joined affiliate of many other companies around the world.

Company News updated: 02/02/2019

A. Dear Readers, WORLDZHONG PTY.LTD. has decided to update its company news to both of the company employees and also to the entire public. Please Note: All the other news, though, have become Old, yet still valid. Anyone who is trying to find some details please do so. There is only one thing that is important for all: The company operating place had changed. And the new operating place now is still  pending. The company will be doing its best as soon as possible settling this matter. Please pay attention to the entire development. 

B.  ATO(Australian Taxation Office) had decided to held a meeting with the company on 20/02/2019. In Batman Hills' ATO office, Collins Street, Dockland, Melbourne, at 10:30 am to seek the acceptable solutions for the dispute with the company. And company employee who even had quitted the job may attend this meeting if he or she wants to do so. Please inform the Director of the company by SMS or email: not later than next Thursday(07/02/2019)

C. All the debtors and/or creditors of WORLDZHONG PTY.LTD. Please also pay attention to this meeting, and keep your eyes on the outcome of this meeting. Yet do not uphold too much optimism until the final outcome to be known. 

D. All the people who have been concerning about the development of the Heavenly Christians, please know that the company will held an online discussion about the BOOK, <<HOLY BIBLE.NEW>>. Everyone who has interesting join this discussion please do so. If it a free discussion under the laws of speech freedom. Please click on the button on the right (there is seem trouble to create the button right now but it will be created later)and go to the discussion page for displaying your opinions on the BOOK,<<HOLY BIBLE.NEW>>. All opinions are free to be published in this website if you wish to do. However, if you would not like to do so you may keep your opinion secret and not open to the public.   

The Followings are all old news but they are still valid. 

1.The Original Thesis of the director of WORLDZHONG PTY.LTD. "On the Three Fundamental Factor of Economics and Their Elasticity", open published in this website today (14/12/2018), yesterday should be a formal published day for this Thesis had been made legal DEPOSIT to the State Library of Queensland(13/12/2018),please click on the button of the right to view the thesis:

2. A new division of Business of WORLDZHONG PTY.LTD. has been set up for every Australian, please click the button on the right for more details:

3.The new semester of the Supernatural Uni-field Body and Mind Healthy Arts, duration of 01/03/2019-31/June/2019 is now accepting for enrolment. Anyone who would like to learn this supernatural arts may now enroll. Please go to Opportunity--->Enrolment form to fill in the form and then mail to the School's email indicated for registering.  

4.The Director's breaking-through microeconomic fundamental theory is published on this website today:  24/11/2018,please click the button on the right and go to the thesis, this is a defiled thesis, that criminals had made changed very much, but we still leave it here fore reads make comparison with the original one that to be published yesterday(13/12/2018); but now be openly put on this website as a formal published thesis in this website(refers to news 1.)   :

5.A very important message for all the 2017 employees of WORLDZHONG PTY.LTD. Please go to the company news and read on updated information.