From now on, we open a new division for our website, specially for introducing the Heavenly Holy Bible study, in one hand, we are intending to introduce this only True and Living LORD God's BOOK on earth so that the entire human beings would have the opportunity to learn and research for this True God's BOOK, and on another hand, we are intending to develop ourselves and our organization worldwide for the entire human beings. The Heavenly Christians are an independently new Christians, the major reasons why for our own independence because we have our own BOOK, our own Bible that is the Heavenly Holy Bible. Because our Bible is the Heavenly Holy Bible that make our doctrines are different from all the Earthly Holy Bible's doctrines.

However, we are Christians, basically, we have some important common value and belief with all the other Christians denominations on the Earth, such as, we are upholding the belief that Jesus Christ is the True Son of God, and his Earthly mission that he had successfully done for the entire human beings was redeemed human beings from their original sins that their forefather and foremother had committed in the Eden Garden under the influence of Satan, which their had brought to themselves an eternal disaster that was their eternal end at some point in time. This original sins caused the eternal death human beings themselves would not be possible redeeming by whatever they might and may do in old and new ages of all times if without any help from the true Son of God. Jesus Christ came to the Earth for all of us and save the entire human beings from such eternal death and paying back the original sins of eternal suffering so that a true and real opportunity for human beings regain enteral lives on Earth had arrived at upon the entire human beings, though uncertainty was and is still existence due to the heavenly bad force, basically was and is Satan and his demons forces have been continually existence and strongly influencing upon human beings, making this real and true opportunity be very hard coming into true, and such opportunity that Jesus Christ had brought for all the human beings could be in vain. Yet, without Jesus Christ's successful redemption for the entire human beings, human beings would not be possible even having any real and true opportunity to regain the eternal life on Earth! Therefore, Jesus Christ was and is our Savior, our Lord, our Guider and our King.He was and is the True Son of God. Based on this belief, we are having the fundamental common belief with all the other Christians denominations on Earth. And based on this common belief, we say that the Heavenly Christians are Christians!

Certainly, the Heavenly Christians were and are the Heavenly Christians because we have our own belief(s) that are different from all the other's that make us be independently new. Such as that we believed that our Lord Jesus Christ was died for us on a cross, the nails being put into center of his palms of his right hand and of left hand, and also being put into his two soles of his feet, that left fold upon the right. And the spear being plugged in his right side of his body so that he died. But the Heavenly Christians do not use the symbol of cross of all forms as its own sign or for whatever reasons of protection or charming characteristics. We have our symbol, that is our BOOK, the Heavenly Holy Bible, that is, <>. We also have other symbols, such as Gold Umbrella for our protection and good luck, and the trade mark of the WORLDZHONG PTY. LTD. also the universal symbol of the Heavenly Christians. Here we introduce our BOOK, what we are using is our religion version, but not our literacy version. For the religion version of our BOOK is the what our doctrines have been written in full. If you would like to know the Heavenly Christians, the best way is to know our BOOK first. The heavenly Christians worship the Heavenly Holy Bible, Observe the Heavenly Holy Bible and practice the Heavenly Holy Bible for doing the True and Living LORD God's Wills on Earth. The Heavenly Christians have our God unique blessings, one of them is the our BOOK that is the Heavenly Holy Bible, and another is the Supernatural physical functions, meditations and exercises, which already have true evidence on Earth to show that the Heavenly Christians under the True and Living LORD God of the entire universes protection, which is one of the major reasons why the Heavenly Christians have successfully survive in the pandemic of Covid-19 or SARS-Cov-2. Until today, Monday, 08/06/2020, there is no anyone of the Heavenly Christians being infected by Covid-19 or say, by SARS-Cov-2. We are glorifying our True and Living LORD God of the entire universes, WORLDZHONG, for all HIS protections, blessings and rewards upon all of us! Studying the Heavenly Holy Bible is one of our Thanks to Our God, for the Heavenly Holy Bible was, is and will be the only True and Living Holy Bible and True and Living BOOK of our God! This division of the study is organized by the Heavenly Christians Department of WORLDZHONG PTY. LTD. The Heavenly Christians encourage independent study, that is everyone should study this true and living God's BOOK independently beside joining the study of others or joining the study of the Heavenly Christians organizations'.

Study the BOOK is one of the best ways to get to the who exact the Heavenly Christians are, what the doctrines they observe and practice, what the possible missions they are intending to do and what the possible true happiness, prosperous and even enteral life for each individual human beings and for the entire human beings. 

We would directly study the book first, and then we talk about the reviews, and then go forward more. 

The heavenly holy bible, actually is the subtitle of the BOOK,<<HOLY BIBLE.NEW>> or << THE HOLY BIBLE.NEW>> according to God's permission. This BOOK written by YUCHUNZHONG in behalf of God for the entire human beings on the Earth. Therefore, this BOOK is not the BOOK that YUCHUNZHONG's book, but it is the TRUE AND LVING LORD GOD of the entire universes and the entire human beings, WORLDZHONG's BOOK.However, on the entire Earth, the True God, permitted that the only living author was and is YUCHUNZHONG, due to his company had been permitted to use the God's Heavenly Name as the company entity name that registered and established on 17/10/2012, therefore YUCHUNZHONG would then shared the ownership with his own company. Now this book on earth would belongs to WORLDZHONG PTY. LTD. and also YUCHUNZHONG. 

This BOOK had been completed in major writings in the year 2011 about three volumes in rough manuscripts and had been printed out, due to criminals attacking upon the company and the author of the book, YUCHUNZHONG, this first pint of this three volumes book had been damaged completely and does not exist anymore, from the year 2011 until today, 2020, the entire company and its owner YUCHUNZHONG(passport name: YU CHUN ZHONG), have been continually suffering crimes and victims of the crimes, the entire BOOK also suffering many different kinds of attacking, such as deliberately changing of the original writings, add some rubbish into the original book or directly damaged some or parts of the original writings. The author had been struggle hard to maintain the crucial crucial original writings, though many had lost and could be rewritten and many had been damaged and could not repaired. In the recent published book, including the the revision of the literacy version and the first publish religion version, the absolute major parts are remaining its original writings, but quite some of parts or books of them had been rewritten. The very much errors that even defiled the quality of public reading was the original literacy version that published by Xlibris( a self-publish company of America) and that version had been ordered to stop selling in the year 2016 by WORLDZHONG PTY.LTD. and YUCHUNZHONG. And in that year, the second edition of this BOOK, now it is called the original religion version of this BOOK the first volume to be published. The religion version actually was written based on the first original version, but the author tried to recovered the original writings, fixed errors and rewrite those that have not been fully written in the first edition, based on the true religion standards for the whole BOOK rewrite. It was the True God had got to know the Author's tough and hard situation due to suffer the criminals attacking, and also the book had been damaged and rewritten without obtained the Author's permission, The True God, WORLDZHONG, ordered YUCHUNZHONG, edited, revised and rewrite the whole BOOK, which then turned out to be the Second edition of the BOOK, called the Religion version. Both the literacy version and religion version were, are and will be the most valuable HOLY BIBLE, on Earth, literacy version is tending to simpler, the excellency of the first edition of the simple and straight forward with the most vivid stories have been remained and developed in the Second Edition, and the second edition had also have many of its own writings according to the God's orders and Jesus Christ instructions. Therefore the second edition that is the religion version of this Book first volume had much more to share and have much more unprecedented extraordinary writings and the formal religion regulations, laws and rules had been set for the entire Heavenly Christians.

We suggest all the readers should go through the entire book from the first page to the last pages. And then you may be able draw out your own comment(s) and analysis for this true God's BOOK.

Now let's begin:

"1 God was the beginning,in the beginning and at the upmost initial creating of the beginning, beyond everything: 2 beyond any human being(s), 3 beyond any creation(s), 4 beyond the nature, 5 beyond the Earth, 6 beyond the star(s), 7 beyond the entire universes, 8 beyond the light and/or the darkness, 9 beyond the first and/or the last, 10 beyond space and/or time, 11 beyond positive and/or negative, 12 beyond the stillness and/or motion, 13 beyond the matter(s) and/or spirit(s),14 beyond the god(s)and/or angel(s), 15 beyond flesh and/or soul, 16 beyond thinking, beyond word, 17 beyond work, 18 beyond inspiration, 19 beyond imagination, beyond explication, 20 beyond thing(s),  21 beyond zero, 22 beyond emptiness, 23 beyond nothing, 24 beyond each and all of all, 25 beyond all beyond(s) of the beyonds, 26 yet, being only Himself and being only in Himself, 27 being only HIS own infinities and being only in HIS own infinities, 28 being only HIS own endless and being only in HIS own endless, 29 being only HIS own eternity and being only in HIS own eternity, 30 being only HIS own everlastingness and being only in HIS own everlastingness, 31 being only HIS own willingness and being only in HIS own willingness, 32 being only HIS own freewill and being only in HIS own freewill, 33 being only HIS own happiness and being only in HIS own happiness, 34 being only HIS own creativeness and being only in HIS own creativeness, 35 being only all of HIS own and/or being in only all HIS own, 36 being only HIS own perfectness and being only in HIS own perfectness, 37 being only HIS own development and being only in HIS own development of the entire exordium procedure of HIS own beginning."     

This is the first paragraph of the entire BOOK, from the true religion views, this paragraph is extreme important, making exact and accurate sense and a full perfect expression and description of the TRUE and LIVING LORD GOD's beginning that absolutely distinguished from all the religion books on the Earth and in the entire human beings' history, That was and is the first time correctly, precisely and clearly telling what the TRUE AND LIVING GOD was, and where the world or the entire universes came from. And why there was a beginning. There was and is no any religion book in the whole world and in all the religion denominations, such as the book of Christians(Earthly Holy Bible), of Muslim(Qur'an), of Buddhism(many books), of Astrology(many books), of Spiritualism(many books), etc. etc, you mane it, which meanwhile has shown that the Heavenly Holy Bible was and is a true God's BOOK and only True and living God's BOOK on Earth. especially the first clause sentence, "God was the beginning," is the best and simplest and clearest accurate description of What God was and what the beginning was for all people and for all religion denominations on Earth and in Human beings' history. 

The most people, and even the most religion people who did and do love God and have true faith to God, but few of them know exactly and accurately what and how and why God was, is and will be forever greatest, supremacy and highest above all and beyond all! And this first paragraph of this Heavenly Holy Bible has told all that what we want to know and yet not to know and impossible to know all!