The Supernatural Exercises to Preserve Your Life Passing Through the Tough Time of Global Epidemic

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This is a special offer that includes theory and practice concerning the unprecedented human beings history global epidemic and the possible method for every individual human being to enhance his or her own inner ability and capacity for preserving life passing through the tough time. This method did not create by WORLDZHONG PTY.LTD., but it was the blessing from the True and Living LORD God in Heaven and on Earth, WORLDZHONG. WORLDZHONG PTY.LTD. discloses this blessing was permitted by the True and Living God, WORLDZHONG, to save the billions of human beings, not only for this generation, but also for all the generations to come, for coronavirus could be a perpetual life threatening virus for the entire human beings on the Earth.

WORLDZHONG PTY.LTD. is a Heavenly Christian Profit Company according to the True God, WORLDZHONG’s Permission, this company will offer the price of 99.9% market prices of one of its most treasure products and also one of the most treasure spiritual and physical products in the world in the year 2020, which would be charged only $30 AUD/per head or $30 USD/per head for the entire three hours lecture of theory and of practice talk and tuition of practices. More importantly, this charge is a free and willing to pay charge by everyone, not before but after he or she will have obtained this offer and has truly gained this necessary ability and capacity that could help for life preserving passing this tough time of global epidemic. As you are willing and wanting to pay for this offer, here are the details for you to pay (payment without time limited, you may pay anytime you like, without burden if you have no money now, pay later or pay whenever you have money):

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                                                                                                                      PART I

                                                                                        Coronavirus and the Origin of Coronavirus

Coronavirus also called, Covid-19 is a severe respirational virus for every human being. Until today, there is no any powerful medicine to either cure or prevent such virus endangering human beings. General medicine, herbs and even some special fruit juices, tree nuts might have some functioning for either getting rid of or cure or reduce such virus infection once he or she has been infected by it.

Coronavirus is a severe virus directly threatening human life within a very short period of time through causing the human lung malfunction. Without proper medical equipment and treatment method to perform healing, anyone who once to be infected, the life would be terminated. However, even if having good equipment and/or good treatment method in wait does not be necessary the life would be safe once he or she to be infected, human body’s inner health conditions are the most important factors in the determination of the fatal infection due to this virus’ high severity, partial inner never system damaging in your unconsciousness until too late to be saved within a very short period of time, highly infection due to the virus staying in the air, on the skin or any surface or the ground might be on which you could be possible touching or have to touch for whatever reason.

No one could and can pre-knowing or even early knowing himself or herself to be infected or not accurately, only through testing or your symptoms getting obvious due to being infected deeply within a very short period of time, then you will know whether or not you have been infected or not. Feeling well is not necessary an evidence that you are really well, only through medical testing or timing testing, you then can prove that you are well or not.

All of such characteristics making this virus be the most dangerous virus in today’s world, which already resulted almost entire world shutting down as an emergency way to prevent such virus spreading among human beings globally.

The virus today are still spreading, the numbers of human beings who has and will have been infected were and are increasing every day, directly threatening the entire human beings. Until today, more than a millions have been infected and more than a half of hundreds of thousands had died. And the numbers of death is still increasing. Great efforts had been made by all governments, what we had and have achieved is little.

Without any hesitation, we ask: “Where does this virus come from?”

No one has seen or experienced such virus before in human beings history, now it is suddenly appearing among all of us a new and strange killer that never ever be known by any of human being in the world and in human beings’ history.

Scientifically, coronavirus are a kind of micro-bio-bodies that they themselves also are a kind of life. More importantly, this kind of life, though, highly threatening human beings’ life was and is not coming from or based on human beings’ life for sustaining its own, yet purely sustaining by its own life materials for living and maintaining to endanger the entire human beings. We have not had sufficient evidence(s) to prove that this kind of life’s origin on the Earth for if it was used to be on the Earth, or its origin on the Earth before, then such epidemic would be happening long ago. Certainly, a careful thinking about the origin of the coronavirus, we also have not had sufficient evidences to prove that this kind of life coming from outside of the Earth today. By logic thinking, this kind of life did not exist on the Earth before for sure, otherwise, the entire human beings could be possible already extinction long time ago. Well, the real fact that beyond doubt is this kind of life comes from after or directly comes from today either from today’s world or today’s outside of the world! No one could and can tell exactly and accurately about its true origin. Therefore, it is a myth that is still no one to know for sure!

We have known that the scientific explanation did not and does not exclude the possibility of outside of the world being the true origin of the coronavirus, though, it might be more or less fitting the atheism preference, the outside of the world could and can be possible the heavens of the Supernatural Life existence! And such Supernatural Life could be the true origin of this coronavirus.

To a true believer, there would be without any doubt in views that this was and is the True God’s Hand! However, if it is so true, we might truly have real Hope to find the way to truly and really preserve our life passing through such tough time of global epidemic! Otherwise, we might have not had any true Hope at all! The Day of Total Destruction has Arrived! No one could and can resist for we have no way and no any true way to resist! The final termination could be only in years!

As the True believers, we always believe that only could and can the True God be our Saviour, His True and Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord could come for our rescue for human beings are dying now!

                                                                                                                   PART II

                                                       Global Mental Epidemic Was A Pre-Signal of Today’s Deadly Coronavirus Epidemic!

In about 20 years ago, there was one very strange social phenomenon that never ever socially appeared on the Earth before, but afterwards, such strange phenomenon had been legalization globally, the most human beings in the world from unwilling to be accept by the law enforcement to “Willingly Accepted” due to promoted by the most politicians in the world. Such myth phenomenon called, Sexual-Orientation Difference that should be treated as a normal and lawful social phenomenon against any discrimination! Well, everybody knows it now, it was and is Homosexual or Homosexuality!

WORLDZHONG PTY. LTD. had and has been emphasized that it was a human mental illness epidemic! In both Earthly Holy Bible and the Heavenly Holy Bible, Homosexual was and is prohibited as that was and is directly against The True God and the True God’s Purpose on the Earth! Although afterward, many or even the most of the human beings supported such anti-True God’s movement on the Earth showing their tolerance of the “universal acceptance”; mixed colours flags flying in the skies of many universities and of even many countries in the world!

However, in the most very serious mental illness research institutions, hospitals and societies, there was and is no one who could and can prove such myth that had been carrying those politicians’ ambitions was normal! However, due to the law enforcements, such myth going with some politicians’ ambitions were to be “accepted” by the human beings’ societies and many social groups and counties!

The entire global true believers have been worrying such ill-responsible politicians’ ambitions without any physical evidences, yet, based on only the true teachings written in the true God BOOKs, The Earthly Holy Bible and the Heavenly Holy Bible! The Heavenly Holy Bible until today, only to be published on website: . The hard copy book has been physically and financially blocked to be printed out until today!

Homosexual or homosexuality until today is still neither being proved by mental scientists, or called psychiatrists and mental sciences or mental medicine science, nor had it had been proved by any true Christians and the True Christians’ doctrines! Although some unlikely responsible Christian organizations dared to stand in the opposition of the True God and of the True God’s teachings written on the BOOK!

A very serious question had and has been proposal: whether or not human beings would be extinction?

Nevertheless, no one would know such human mental epidemic could cause even much more seriously severe epidemic as the following that has made the entire question become much more real than ever today.

You might say that, well, coronavirus could be a controllable virus that would not be possible causing entire human beings extinction for human beings would have something to completely get rid of such virus. We assume or even wish such exertion to be true. Yet, the carefulness is still need to be taken for if we are still carelessness, much bigger or even much more dangerous disaster that might completely wipe out the entire human beings on the surface of the Earth would be unavoidably coming! Just as what the Heavenly Bible had taught: “You must pay attention to the sign for in which you may see the true light.”

Global unbelief only may causes pain, sufferings, difficulties and death, there was and is nothing that would be positive in the views, in reality that might be possible being the benefit of the long term in human beings’ world in present days and future!

If we treated the bad things as a good thing, following those ill-responsible politicians’ instructions and even change laws for those so-call “new things”, we will die and even die instantly, which would be just like coronavirus in today’s world. We called such myth as the global mental epidemic that was the pre-signal for today’s coronavirus epidemic in our knowledge today!

We have more and more “creative” illnesses to kill ourselves. However, we have less and much less positive goodness to help ourselves and improve ourselves. Such as the door of modern physics that had been closed by one of the most famous scientists, Albert Einstein, until today, no one could and can open it again! We are actually dying for our Earth is dying even though coronavirus might not be able to kill us all!

                                                                                                                  PART III

                                                                                  Doing the Supernatural Exercises Could Help!

Physical health and mental health could be taken in account of the true measurement for true healthfulness of an individual person’s in the views of sciences. In much more deeper senses, the entire inner health, outer health and even spiritual health of a persons who is living in today’s world should be more and more truthfulness for both of sciences and religion people for which there was and is always something beyond in positive and in the true healthfulness we need for our daily life and for our whole life!

As one’s life under threatening, it would be much and much more possibility that if you have only physical and mental health you might have to die in the way you have known or in the way that the scientific prediction or medical prediction may reach. No one could and can get any further or even get out of such secularity! However, in our true wish, everyone would pray for something beyond that would be possible for only by which we may save ourselves out of our own secularity, override all of the dangerous in the secular world and pass the tough time of all disasters, epidemics and bad lucks in the real world, in our career and in the time of difficulties!

Yes, that is exactly what we truly wish for! But the key problem is: How can we do it?

Here, as the true believers of the True LORD God in Heaven and on Earth, WORLDZHONG, we are going to disclose such exercises that human being(s) can do with no guarantee for we have not had such ability or capacity to guarantee every human being could or can do such supernatural exercises, only might you yourself be able to do so if you indeed are blessed, guarantee yourself! Such exercises is supernatural, which in the reality it could and can bring the consequence or result that would be beyond whatever secularity might and may be so that if anyone who has possessed them and do them would be able to pass whatever disasters, epidemics and/or difficulties in the real world and in the secular world! You might still meet the tough time for whatever reason, but you will be able to pass it, override it or even overcome it without difficulty in myth that you might even do not know exactly why and how yourself!

Well, we call it also, The Heavenly Christians’ Unique Blessings.

                                                                                                                      PART IV


For emergency, we advise you that you should not first care about whatever preparation, but directly make yourself go into the real exercise and keep practice it until the real thing getting truly improvement and you did and do have the inner relaxing time for looking back of all the preparations. However, to fit the human beings’ thinking customs and logical thinking ordering in mind, we are still placing such preparations before all the real practices to be related later here. Of course, if you did and do have some specialty before and you do would like to follow the entire formal procedure, then step by step would be certainly good choice for you and for your entire practice today and future.

                                                                                                                                                  A. Inner Mind and Spiritual Preparation

We do not know you are a believer or not, and we do not actually care about whether or not you are a true believer or not, but it is the real thing that you yourself should care about it.

If you know that you yourself is 100% atheism, never ever believe in God and you do not think God is real or true or real and true, as you are facing the real tough time such as when you have been infected by coronavirus and is practicing self-isolation from all the others and from the society, the very necessary preparation for you to do such supernatural exercises are:

a.    Calm yourself down first, do not worry what would happen next or you should care about what would happen to you and relax from all from your mind to your body, keep your heart opening even if you are in quarantine or self-isolation!

b.    Taking some medication if you wish as one of ways to calm yourself down further, even though such medication might actually help nothing for you due to you already have deeply been infected by the virus! Following the medical instructions of the medical staff who is taking care of you, do whatever you are told as another way for relaxing yourself from your mind to your body even though those instructions might not be satisfied as you wish!

c.    When you have your own time, such as lying on a sick bed and waiting for the next treatment coming or medication need to be taken, then the further preparation you should intentionally begin! In this situation and time, if you are an atheism person, then try to turn yourself back to God in the true humbleness of your mind, confess all of trespasses near and far of your own career before the true God, which is a deeper way for truly relaxing yourself from all the burdens in the secular world you have been bearing so that you inner and spiritual rubbish inside of your body and your mind begin to be cleaned off truly!

d.    You should be careful and even be very careful and take high cautiousness that you should not force yourself to do so in your mind and in your spirit, do not because now you are in the sick bed, wish to get rid of it as soon as possible, and then you force yourself to do so intentionally and forcefully, but following the medical staff s instructions first and do whatever he or she tell you to do until you have got your own time to review yourself from which in your own willingness and in your own truthful humbleness to turn yourself back to the True God in true relaxation and natural state!

e.    Such preparation itself meanwhile is the true beginning of the entire supernatural exercises, when you do it and do it truly and whole heartily, yet always relax without any forceful intention and even without intention, the thing that might be true beyond then will begin in your unconsciousness!

f.    You might have some special feelings or some special goodness that you yourself did not and do not expect or never ever experienced, but you know clearly in your feelings and in your consciousness, yet such as these would like myths that you do not know by whatever secular knowledge and even secular scientific knowledge. If it is so, do not tell anyone even he or she is your closest love one; you do not need to tell your medical staff also, which is not in your suspicious, but in your own confidence. However, if you are not that confident or not sure, then you should tell your medical staff who is taking care of you to obtain his or her or their opinions that could be in most cases would make thing worse or make thing from good to bad for whatever secular view could be not good for whatever would happen to you next!

g.    The principle for you to handle this should keep quiet and continually relax in much more deeper level, wait, see and feel. You do not tell your medical staffs who are taking care of you does not mean that you should refuse to follow their instructions for your treatment, but continually following up in which if he or she or they tell you to take medication you should take it, if he or she or they tell you do this or that for your treatment, you should do so as closely following his or her or their instructions. However, as long as you have got your own time, you should continue what you have begun doing.

                                                                                                                                           B. A true believer shall readjust himself or herself

If you are a believer, even a true believer that you think you were and are, now you have been infected by coronavirus, then there would be not much different between you and those who are atheism, and the entire preparation should be very similar or even the same, doing the things from a. to g. related above. Do not upholding any conservative views or stiff-necked in what your own used to believe, but humbly, respectfully and sincerely call the True and Living LORD God’s Heavenly True Name: WORLDZHONG, in your really deepest heart and soul and spirit!

If you are forgiven, then you will have your own blessing(s) in which there will be some truthful and real something that would be beyond out of your own expectation, prediction and estimations!

And in that case, you should know that the supernatural exercise is in functioning for you!

                                                                                                                            PART V                           

                                                                                                                 Doing the Exercises!

    1.    If you are an unbeliever or even an atheism person, you are in emergency and have no time to do any preparation, but wish to get well as soon as possible by doing the supernatural exercises, you might be able to do so! We say that you might be able to do so, which means that we have no guarantee that you can or cannot do so for the supernatural exercises did not and do not like the running or jogging that everyone who have not had any physical problem can do it for sure. Supernatural exercises in views and in practice did and do need some foundations and background before you will have begun your own journey on it, which we have talked in the PART VI, Preparation! Just for emergency, you might be able to directly do such supernatural exercises with no Guarantee, but for meeting your emergency needs psychologically.

    2.    Still, because you have been infected by the virus, and you are lying in a sick bed now, then closely following your medical staff s instructions and accept whatever medical treatments offered cheerfully until you yourself have got your time and then intentionally begin doing the supernatural exercises:

a.    Intentionally making your body become soft in views like you are doing Yoga or Qigong or whatever cultural soft exercise. If you are a dancer or even a ballet dancer, you should recall what you have been taught in the way of relaxation in your exercises, intentionally making your body soft in view, see and wait for whatever that would be happening.

b.    Making your body and muscles soft in views, generate your own feeling in which your muscle will be relaxation in views does not mean that you should do it physically or by force, but it is only a kind of mindful relaxations for you are in a sick bed, such mindful exercises basically is a good way of turning your attention out of worrying and truly calming yourself down in the way of mindful attention in which nothing you should refuse to follow your medical staff s instructions concerning your treatment.

c.    Such mindful exercises would eventually have a signalling feeling and even a motion if you are indeed able to do for whatever reason that now you have proved that you yourself can do the supernatural exercises directly. Otherwise, you would have no any different signalling feeling, nor would you have any signalling motion that would mean that you are not able to do the supernatural exercises directly. In that case, you should go back to the PART VI rather than continually and intentionally making your body to be soft in mind and in views.

   3.    What is signalling feeling or motion? Signalling feeling is a feeling especially good in your mind that you never ever experienced before. However, if you are feeling bad or even very bad due to you have tried to make your body or muscle soft, which is not necessary meaning that you are bad or you cannot do such supernatural exercises for which might be a good signal too because you are feeling bad and even very bad! No matter you are feeling good or feeling bad, if you do have the feeling different, which means that you can do further. Here it is very important for you to know that, no matter you are feeling good or feeling bad, do not worry, but relax, truly relax. Whatever happening then let it or let them happening, passing by; do not tracing it or them in views and in mind, do not concern or recall, but keep what you have been doing continually for some times, which, generally speaking, would be for 15 minutes or 30 minutes, then you should stop and even completely stop. Do not keep doing so or thinking so to

make your body soft all the times even if you have your own time. The time of your stopping would be equal to about twice longer than the time within which you are thinking and intentionally making your body and muscle soft or even longer. One day doing only one time or two, do not do three times in one day at the beginning, making sure your entire feeling improve and relaxation, and continually following your medical staff s instructions for your medical treatment.

4.    If you are not only getting your own feeling good, but you have even got your signalling motion physically, such as body shaking, muscle pain with the blood running through, never pumping in one part of your body, your head, your skin; you inner organ moving, etc. which generally speaking is a good news and even a very good news for you are blessing and you can continually do the supernatural exercises further!

5.    Still, at the beginning, do not do too much long time, 15 minutes or 30 minutes, then stop and completed stop for about one or two hours, and then do the second time. One day should not do more than twice at the beginning.

6.    Such beginning period of time would be lasting about ten or twenty days or longer. Do not do it without stopping continually just because you are wishing that your illness should be healed and cured as soon as possible for if you think in this way and do for such purpose, you would cause reverse functioning, and the trouble would be more serious and even endanger your own life directly in your own unconsciousness of threatening your own life.

7.    The principle is, once you have got a signalling feeling and even motion, you should further calm yourself down and relax as much as possible, once you have got your own time, then do it from intention to unintentional and then transfer to completely unintentional state. Let the entire functioning be continue outside of your own consciousness, if this has happened, you should only control the time of your stopping rather than continually and intentionally do the exercises without stop and without pause. At the most, do such supernatural exercises for one or two hours, but not beyond such time limit at the beginning.

                                                                                                                        PART VI

                                                                                                         Seeking Professional Tuition!

All things should be from the preparation and then to do the exercise and then to do the further exercise, even though, for emergency you might be able to directly get into the exercise. Carefulness must be taken into consideration and pay highly attention! Supernatural exercises are a craft skill and technique for every human being. There was and is no guarantee for the entire consequence or result being good or definitely good for you for some reasons. In quite some times and some circumstance , such supernatural exercises could even kill you if you carelessly do so, especially at the beginning, you would be very easy to be misled by Satan so that you might go into trouble or bad state in your own unconsciousness. Once you have worse and worse feeling after or during the time of your exercises, then you should stop and even completely stop! And then seeking professional tuition and even treatment for healing. Here we provide our contact detail for such necessity once you would be possible getting get into trouble for whatever reason may be:

By Phone: 61 421956988;

By SMS text message: 61 4 21956988;

By emails: A.    

B. info@

By mail: A: Shop 1, 378 Wellington Street, Perth, WA, 6000 ;

               B: Suite 8 15 Delawney Street, Balcatta, WA, 6021.

By Personal Visit: Suite 8 15 Delawney Street, Balcatta, WA, 6021,

(This company operating place has been closed temporary since from 20/04/2020 until further notice due to the affect of the Covid-19 continually spreading, so please do not visit. update on 02/05/2020)

Note: All personal visiting only by an appointment pre-made, do not visit without making an appointment prior!

Supernatural exercises are not uniformed exercises that like your running, jogging, walking, or swimming etc. secular healthy sports or movements, but very individually, for each of us would be blessed if we deserve in front of our True God, WORLDZHONG, individually, but not uniformly; however, once you might be misled by Satan, we may help and help effectively!

                                                                                                                          Here is the end of the first lecture of the Heavenly Christians’ Supernatural Exercises!

                                                                                                                                                                                 Good Luck everyone!

We would like to hear your opinions and comments. If you like to contribute your opinions and comments or your ideas for how we should do better to handle and treat the coronavirus, please just click this link that will bring you to a temperate where you should be able to write your opinions and/or your comments or your ideas.

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