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From the 04-12-2018

1. A new business of WORLDZHONG PTY.LTD. has been set up today for every Australian's human rights safety, personal and family safety protection service, for more detail please click the button on the right:

2. The new semester for studying the course of the Uni-field Supernatural Body and Mind Healthy Arts, duration from 01/03/2019-31/06/2019, is now accepting for enrolment. Please go to Opportunity ---> Enrolment form, to fill-in the enrolment form and then email it to the School email box: for registering of your enrolment.

3. Important News for all 2017 employees of WORLDZHONG PTY.LTD. ATO (Australian Taxation Office) had arranged the second facilitation with the company on Wednesday 28/11/2018(This day had been changed for the criminal attacking upon the company, until now the new venue for the facilitation is not yet determined.), at 10:00AM in Melbourne, the main theme would concentrate on compensations paying to the company and also its employees, though the company business would be also one of important topic. Therefore, here the company calls on all the employees who had employed in the year 2017 by the company should step forwards to meet the officers of ATO, specially discuss about the entitlement for the compensation of unhonoured employment and also those who had worked in the company without getting work pay would be also discussed in the facilitation. This is a formal information to inform all the 2017 employees of the company for this matter. Whoever would have time or would be able to arrange his or her own time for the facilitation and would like to attend the discussion please send your SMS to:0437868996 or email to: to inform the company to attend the facilitation. The facilitation would take about a day. If anyone who has any question or needs more information, please contact the company by phone  or SMS on the same mobile number: 0437868996 or by email to the same email address. If you are not in Melbourne and would like to attend the facilitation, you should prepare for it yourself and attend the facilitation on time. The facilitation would be held in the ATO Batman-hill office Melbourne.  And this facilitation would be reschedule on February 2019, not yet determined.       

4..The First and also the only one Supernatural research School inaugurated today in Brisbane, Queensland, at 6:00PM local time. Please click on the button on the left to read the published inauguration speech.

5. The School until now was still not yet successfully registered for some reasons.

6. The second semester of the course: Uni-field Supernatural Mind and Body Healthy Arts now accept enrolment. Please click the button on the right for the enrollment form:

7. The First Supernatural Research School will inaugurate at 08/11/2018, Thursday in Brisbane City, Queensland of Australia. This is the First and Only one Supernatural Research School in world today. 

8.  The company decided publish the entire BOOK of the <<HOLY BIBLE.NEW>>(the First Revised Version) on this company website and offer free of reading to the entire public and also for purchasing download; of eBook Please visit the webpage <<HOLY BIBLE.NEW>> and if you would like purchase one you can, for more information, please visit the webpage of <<HOLY BIBLE.NEW>>.This publishing had been done at beginning of this year, now it is to be published on this website later of the year.

9.Company will purchase a new timeshare property at the beginning of the November, we have been keeping on working in it.

For more information please visit the "OPPORTUNITY".