The Company Major Business

Book Publishing

We publish the full categories of books. Yet, all the books we publish will be fitting of the principles of the heavenly holy bible's, that are written in the true God's Book,<<HOLY BIBLE.NEW>>(The Revision of the First Edition)and/or(The Second Edition).All the books we publish meanwhile should be lawful, positive and carrying social care for the entire public and for the entire human beings' fundamental interests and good for peace and positive development of the entire human beings, good for human beings' true happiness prosperity and richness, good for the human being's spiritual and ethical positive development and good for the psychological and mental state positive development of the entire human beings. We are the environments carers and also human beings' better-living conditions and better natures. We are heavenly Christians, yet we are welcome all the positive religions around the world, and the spiritualism and spiritual approach, theologies and astrology and numerologies. We are human cultures lovers and also the all kinds of good and positive customers and habits and rituals in cultures, lifestyles and religions. Basically, we reject negative things and events that were and will be existing in human beings' world, though, we will keep our close eyes upon them and measure how much harmful effect to our community, our society and the world. We do are the entire human beings' goodness, true happiness, and positive developments and economic and cultural prosperity and personal and social true richness, worldwide peace, the optimal political system of things and possible best economic growth and development. We encourage the godly devotion and true faith upon the true LORD GOD of the entire universes and encourage the heroic behaviors, endurance, and struggles for the truths, justice and inner and outer faith to the true God. Protecting the entire human beings' basis interests, loving our children and loving our living planet Earth. Meanwhile, we do work on true scientific researches, encourage serious scientific researches and developments in all kinds, therefore one of the major publications would sciences, both theories and experiments, and applications. We ourselves would be scientists in all kinds, engineers in all kinds and technicians in all kinds. We are also social sciences and ethical theories and practices, medicines, both natural medicines and chemical and physical medicines, healthy and hygienic and longevity and even eternal life researches and practices. We encourage human beings and animals peaceful coexistences, human beings always should set particularly for space and environments for all kinds of animals living in the planets. We do not agree with any ignorance of all kinds of animals' rights and basic living environments and geographical areas and spaces. Human beings should not unlimited occupy the entire surface of the planet earth. We must always set and leave some sufficient geographical places for all kinds of animals living where a human being should not invade. We have been thinking and supporting human beings' activities for a better political system of things, for better freedom and democracy and for optimal socially political and economic future. Idea freedom speaking freedom and thinking freedom is always fundamental human rights and human natures. We are supporting human positive natures and also tolerate human beings negative natures within the possible lawful limit and the limit within our heavenly Christians' principles. We do not require strictly everything following up our principles and understand the basic human natures and secularity while we do keep our true inner faith upon our true God constantly and consistently. We almost can be certain that we were and are and will be also making mistake and create errors in our social life, behaviors and our researches, however, we meanwhile have known that as soon as we have found what we have done something wrong, repent immediately without delay! and do our best to fix the errors and causing of the consequences if it is still possible doing so. We also tolerance the others and secularity in some possible extent under our heavenly Christians' principles written in the Book. In a word, we do publish all kinds of books, yet we do have our principles as we are filtering all kinds of publication materials. We may say that as long as there is book materials or manuscripts, we will do our best to publish yours. And we do have our strong marketing strategies and tactics for opening our book's markets to all the suitable readers around the world.

As one of our businesses, we also encourage self-publishing. Any writer who wishes to publish his or her or their book, we can rend our hands for assistance. We would always like to do something more for all the self-publishing, such as fixed grammar errors, syntax errors and also better words chosen for the corresponding literature, social or scientific languages of your book, book inner design, cover design and ISBN obtaining and copyrights lawful setting up for all your self-publishing etc. just for helping your book reaching to a basic publishing level, even though, yours' original might not be so.

Digital publication is a modern form of publications, no matter whether we publish your book or you self-publish your own book, we may do it for you if you wish to do do. Economically, we do not think that digital publication is a good way for your earning. However since it is a modern way of publication, many writers wish that his or her book can be published in digital formate, that is, ebook formate so that readers around the world can easier obtain your book through internet downloading. There are also for more platforms on which your book can be sold on the internet besides all the retail selling. Therefore, it always benefits for your business and your personal earning. No just a normal costing covered, but also profit making, as the profit theory honest creator and discover, we did and do think that profit is a necessary part of the normal business earning, though it could be "non-profit" businesses existing in the world, yet as what the theory we have worked out, all the "non-profit" companies and organizations, generally speaking, have a higher cost and also financially uncertainty, which in business point of views, is not a good business, though many of them could be important for some reasons. Therefore, as we publish your book, we also meanwhile consider your possibility of making a profit. In helping you to make your profit we will make part of ourselves. Make it a double beneficial for both of us.We always keep in our mind that we are a true God's company. Hence, in making benefits for all, we make our own benefits. We are taking advantages in theory and also in thinking concerning this matter that always no that easy to be understood for all general people and even for some experts in the field.

However, we did and do resolve for doing the things and goodnesses for this world and for the world to come we have sorted out and we will stand firm for the belief that never ever could and can be forsaken as we are upholding the true faith, particularly the true inner faith to The True LORD God of the entire universes, for this is what our mission is bestowed.

The Overview of Company Business

This company, as a multi-functional company, had and has and will have to do more besides book publishing. Here we listed some of our major businesses as followings as the brief indications for what our businesses are for your clearness:

A. Full categories of book publishing:

a. Social Sciences;

b. Natural Sciences;

c. All level's textbooks;

d. Academic Journals

e. Literature and Realities;

f. Religions, Spiritualism; Astrology,

g. Health and/or lifestyles;

h. Medicine Sciences;

i. Natural Medicine Sciences

j. Psychism and/or Mythologies;

k. Others that not belong to any one of the listed above.

B. Business Service:

a. A business strategical setting for the Business owner and/or expected Business owner;

b. Business planning of short term, long term and of excessive long term;

c. The business setting, paper works, business name and ABN and ACN obtaining and registering;

d. Business possibility and prospect;

e. Profit analysis and estimation;

f. A better starting option of your business;

g. Business logo design, registering service;

h. Business management service;

i. Business portfolio service;

j. Business insurance service;

k. Business profit insurance service;

l. Business better management;

m. Business Problem diagnosis and possible solution;

n. Business trend development analysis and prediction;

o. Bankruptcy service including, business insolvency analysis, bankrupt possibility estimation and prediction, the possibility estimation and calculation of saving a possible bankrupt business, aftermath estimation, suggestion, estimation and further prediction.

C. Finance Service:

a. Quoting and estimating for the necessary minimum finance conditions for your business;

b. Business borrowing comparison and estimation of the liability of paying the debt you owed;

c. Business borrowing service;

d. Financial planning and budgeting for your business;

e. Finance hardship handling and possible solutions;

f. Finance Portfolio service.

E. Office Service:

a. Office works service;

b. A minimum size of office corresponding your business;

c. Office design, setting and organizing service;

d. Office timetable and schedules designed and performance service;

e. Office management service.

F. Real Estate Service:

a. private or individual housing service including selling, renting and buying of a property;

b. family housing service including selling, renting and buying of a property;

c. Business premises service including selling, renting and buying a property;

G. Seasonal Holiday and Travel Service:

a. Plane, cruise and ferry booking;

b. Holiday resort accommodation reservation, full special attendant service;

c. Tourist guiding service.

H. Printing Service:

a. Handbill and flyer design and printing;

b. Magazine design and printing;

c. Book design and printing.

I. IT service:

a.Web site design;

b. Web site hosting;

c. Domain Management;

d. Email management.