Introduction to The Company

Introduction to The Company


WORLDZHONG PTY.LTD. was a company that upgraded from a sole trader with  a business name:"WORLDZHONG". Its earliest year can be traced back to the year 1989, as the owner of the company just arrived in Australia and was working after graduated from an English Language school. His first permanent full time pay job in this country was a cook working in a take away shop of the High Point Shopping Center in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. During working, he invented a new way of cooking fired chicken that was the best in quality of taste in the world even in today's point of views. After he left from the job, he then tried to apply for a Patent of the protection of his invention. Meanwhile, he had grown an idea for doing his own business in the earliest days in this country.  He registered and became a sole trader. The first Business name of his business was:"Eternal Spring and Autumn". However, due to lack of fund, his attempt of doing his own business was not success. Afterward, he found a job working in a restaurant until the year 1995. And then he quit his job and prepared going to University to study. At that time he had become a permanent resident of Australia. Going to University to study had provided an opportunity for him to continually improving his language and meanwhile began to update his knowledge in higher level with the new language he had learned. He was graduated in the mid of 1997 and successfully obtained an graduated diploma certificate in Advanced Economics. After graduation, he was considering that he should learn some natural sciences too, and then he was enrolled in a TAFE college in Melbourne to study natural sciences. And in the college, he began contacting modern natural sciences and the new technologies. His college study was very successful and his study scores of all subjects were almost all excellent except for that of the English Literature that was a just a pass grade. In the first year finishing of his college study, due to his study was excellent, therefore, the college teachers recommended him to study the university courses rather than continuing to study the second year's college courses. And he took that advice and enrolled in a Technology University to study Computing science courses. In the university study, he was not that success due to disturbance from an unknown sources began working on and disturbing him. At the end of the first semester university study, he was failure in programming and hence was not allow to study the second year's courses of the programming. He was ordered to repeat the first year's programming in the second year of his university study, while all the other subjects he was allowed to study the second years' courses. Not much luck for him in the second year study, for much more disturbances acting upon him intensively so that he was not possible concentrating on study. And then he decided to take a break and travel overseas in the beginning of the year 1999.More than a half year overseas travel had brought him a great true knowledge around the world, and he was back to Melbourne at the end of the year 1999. And he was already an Australian Citizen at that time. Coming back to Australia, and the university was allowed him to continue his second years study except for that he must repeat his first year programming study in the year 2000. And at the first semester of the second year study in year 2000, he had been failure three subjects included the repeating programming study. Only Physics and Mathematics were passed. However, in the second semester study, all the subjects were completely failure and he was excluded out of the university.

After excluding out of the university, he then tried again to do his own business while he was looking for a job. After three years' efforts in vain,he then began being serious on his own business as a sole trader, his business name was replaced by a new name: "WORLDZHONG" in an accidental coincidence  for renewing his old business name. He was found that he was being attacking constantly by some unknown criminal activities. Therefore he reported such criminal activities to police and to all the other authorities, yet not solutions could be found. Due to suffering criminal attacking, he had to constantly seeking medical treatments for emergency and meanwhile reported such criminal activities to the doctors of the Hospital and other peoples. Yet, he was misunderstood and misdiagnosed that he was an involuntary mental ill patient who was being admitted to Hospital. Such medical mistake had taken him about seven years from completed brain disable and then step by step recovered writing skill. However, such long seven years did not put him down, though costing very much and losses huge, for in the year 2005 that was his most difficult year, The True LORD God ordered him to write HIS BOOK for the entire human beings on the Earth, which was completely out of his expectation and even imagination for his was disable, and he himself did not believe in himself who could actually bore such responsibility for the True God. However, at the end of the day, in the year 2011, it had been proved that the True God was correct and great. He had finished in rough manuscript of the BOOK <<HOLY BIBLE.NEW>>(----The Heavenly Holy Bible)three volumes that were about more than 4000 of the A4 pages. In the late of the year 2011, he then travel to New Zealand and South Africa, which had given him a break and rest in overseas, especially in South Africa. Form this travel, he was proved himself a person with no mental illness and a normal person. He was back to Melbourne in the very late of 2011. He spent his Christmas in Melbourne in the year 2011. After this travel, he himself had accumulated some very significant capital for his own business, that were about 1500 GB travel photos and videos. And he tried again to do his own business with all that capital obtained in his travel overseas in the year 2011. At that time, though, the BOOK had finished in rough manuscripts, he was not intended to do business with the BOOK; for at that time, the True God had not given any message to him for how to deal with His BOOK while finished the writing of it. And he was waiting for the True God's message. Yet he was intending to do his own business with those travel materials. Such attempt was not successful because the criminal activities again attacking upon him, and he decided to take a legal action against the Hospital for their medical negligence. And in this year, Xlibris had expressed its interesting for publishing the BOOK <<HOLY BIBLE.NEW>>(the first edition). After sincerely praying to the True God, and he was permitted to accept this publication in the way of self-publishing. In 08/10/2012, the True God's BOOK was first time published by Xlibris, an American Self-publish company to the whole world. In that year, he was decided to up grade his sole trader business to be a company and registered in ASIC with the company legal entity: "WORLDZHONG PTY. LTD." at 17/10/2012, regardless whatever complicate court battles and criminal activities continually attacking upon.

WORLDZHONG PTY. LTD. was and is an Australian Private Company

The company established was permitted by the True God. Although, in the year 2002, in renewing of his business name, accidentally, he imported the name "WORLDZHONG", yet he never ever had any idea that was a True God's Heavenly True Name. In the very early English Language School study in Sydney, an English teacher taught him that he should had an English name for English speaking peoples' oral convenience and a also goodness for yourself getting into the English Culture as beginning of your English study, which was a good suggestion. And he was trying make something new in his own name creation, therefore he named himself: "World Zhong" as his English name. Well, those school teachers loved this name for it was a good pronunciation in English and also good for oral convenience while using it to call a person by name. Therefore he used this new English name for himself throughout the entire language study period of time. Hence from that time on, the pronunciation of "WORLDZHONG" had been heard and used. He thought that it was his own creation. In the year 2002, when he renewed his business name, he was tried a few different ones, yet even the business name such as "World Zhong" already had been taken. Therefore,finally he asked the staff who was in charge this matter whether or not "WORLDZHONG" was still available? And he said yes, only this name still available. Therefore, he then name his own business, "WORLDZHONG". Obviously, he had no idea that this Name was God's Name at that time. In the year, 2005, as he received the True God's order to write HIS BOOK in behalf of HIM for the entire human beings on the Earth, he prayed to God and asked HIM, what HIS name was? And then the True God told that HIS Heavenly True Name was:"WORLDZHONG". However, He also said that HIS earthly names were many for human beings' different groups and tribes and nations had their own God's name and also some of them had their God who had no name but only had a title, such as God, or LORD God. And He told him that in the year 1989, He was being pre-inspired him so that he knew in a very early his Australian life then how The True LORD God's NAME to be pronounced. Yet, the writing in which there was just different from it for it had a space between, WORLD, the given name and the family name,ZHONG, or World Zhong. and HIS said HIS Name was: "WORLDZHONG" no space, one word only.And the True God also said that his name should be "YUCHUNZHONG", one word rather than any other forms. So from the year 2005, the owner of this company then began to know the True LORD God's Heavenly True Name and his own true name in heaven. And this company after permitting by the True God, HIS name then used to be the company entity and also Business name. As the legal entity, it is "WORLDZHONG PTY.LTD." and as the business name is: "WORLDZHONG", transferring his sole trader business name to be the company business name.

This company has it own very special characteristics, it was and is a private company and business is focusing on making profit and it is a profit company, owned by Australian and run by Australian. For the owner himself is an China born Australian and from the day he became Australian, he then dedicate himself to this country and people. And taking this country as his own country, working and caring this country, because  under the True God blessing he has owned a great broad abilities and intelligences and wisdoms, which with the days living in his country passing by, all of such abilities and capacities then become the great resources for  this country and people first and then for the entire human beings around the world. 

More importantly, this company is a religion profit company. Well, as what you could see in the home page of this website, this company is a heavenly Christians company, the basic theory and doctrine were and are the <<HOLY BIBLE.NEW>>(The Second Edition and also the revised First Edition). Therefore, its ethical principles and doing business and making profit always based the the True God's teachings and Jesus teachings written in their BOOK, <<HOLY BIBLE.NEW>>-----The Heavenly Holy Bible. Although, in the secular world, the entire system of things were and are based on the fundamental jurisdictional system and the federation of states, this company did not and does not have any basic conflicts except for those in the systems were and are carrying element(s) or provision(s) that according to the bible principles were and are harmful for the entire human beings. This company had, has and will have been keeping true faithfulness to the True and Living LORD God of the entire universes. And Heavenly Christians will continually keep all the basic principles and laws of the BOOK's as the true believers of the true and living God of the entire universes. We would not in any sense or by whatever reason to betray the True and Living LORD God of the entire universes or submit himself or herself for whatever secular reasons to this world that is a secular world. We will do our best to make ourselves peacefully living with all the other religion peoples and living with all the other peoples of this world. We are Humanism. However, we will live and work within the boundary though it must be a flexible boundary of our BOOK's principles and all the Divine True Teachings and Laws of The True and Living God's for the True God was, is and will be True, Real and Living.   

According to our BOOK, the deep scientific reasons hidden deep, profit making is necessary for Christians' Business. And the Heavenly Christians will do their best to full fill the True God on the Earth not only by waiting for, by also by proactive for the profit making and for the goodness and true happiness and richness of every individual and meanwhile of the entire human beings'.We think that profit making can be completely ethical and beneficial for every individual and for the all peoples.      

Generally speaking, if you would like to do your own business, you must have possessed two necessary conditions: one is money accumulation, so that you may be possible possessing necessary capitals for your business and the second condition is the mature labor force market must be formed. And these two conditions were the very bitter history at the beginning, which somehow contribute an tendency point of views that profit making is non-ethical and the way of greedy. 

What this company did and does would be completely different, the the capital accumulation, this company capital accumulation was and is through the personal or individual properties and valuable assets' capitalization, which the entire procedure was, is and will be ethical and beneficial. This company today already owned huge extraordinary high value capitals, which by the market value estimation, it is already a biggest company in the world. Yet every dollar and even every cent is moral and ethical, this company never ever took or take even one cent  from any other people or person for its own profit under illegal or non-ethical hands or way, the company's huge value assets and capitals were and are all ethical and moral, nothing to do with any thing that was and is or even will be under criticism of the capitalism.We are private and we are doing everything better and even making a good profit under completely ethical and moral boundary. 

The company did not and does not only fully care  its own employees' benefits meanwhile take serious care for the customer's benefits, therefore it always did and does the good things even in the time as suffering the criminal attacking. This company in secular was,is and will be a true religion and true Christians' private profit company. We believe that we can do very thing better under the True God's BOOK guidance.         

The Company Present Day

Since from the time of the company established until today, there has been just over 6 years. However, these six years have actually laid down the entire big business capacity foundation for the entire company. Before the year 2011, the company already had some very significant working capital and stocks of its own business, here were some majorities:

a. High Point Flied Chicken;

b. Invention: three dimensional flesh flower printing technique;

c.Intelligent Toy;

d. Human hand comforting computer keyboard;

e.About 1500 GB high quality overseas travel photos and videos;

f.Academic Thesis, On Stability; On Heisenberg's uncertainty Principle's certain solution; On Neutral Contradictions. 

And the company, short after established, it became the ASIC agent and meanwhile the owner was the member of Author of Australia and also VW. Later also became the copyright agent, which furthermore provided physical and reality for the company working as a Business enterprise to provide Business service to the entire public.

All of achievements were still belonging to the personal assets that were not yet capitalization. Furthermore, except for High Point fried Chicken and the three dimensional Flesh Flower Printing Technique could be immediately capitalization, all the others were still as potential capitals in the individual assets forms. Some of them had already lost completely due to criminal attacking upon the company and disturbed the personal research and university study, such as the Academic Thesis: “On Heisenberg’s uncertainty Principle’s Certainty solution.” This thesis was written in the year 2000 that was the year the owner to be excluded out of the university due to all the subject exams failure. In this year, this thesis was written and sent to some major journals of sciences to be published. Yet it was not success without reason and without responding. All the sent out manuscripts were just no returning back and no responding. This thesis was the first scientific thesis concern one of the unsolved problem in physics. Until today, the author was still thought that it could be obtaining Nobel Prize if there was or is deliberately apply high capacity particle accelerator to do verification of experiment. The solution could not be possible fully proved due to the quality of the human build particles limitation, but it would certainly indirectly to prove the entire theory of the certainty solution was correct. This thesis already completely lost from the original manuscript unto the publication submission. In the author’s recollection except for the formula, the entire idea of the certainty solution has been still kept in mind until today.  

As the personal asset, And the major achievements was the True God's BOOK, <<HOLY BIBLE.NEW>>  to be written successfully in the rough manuscript forms, which could not be taken into account as the company capital for at that time, this BOOK was still purely personal asset that did not belong to the company.  Therefore, only the Travel raw materials and the High Point Flied chicken could be capitalization for they owned the high expected market value in estimation, especially, those travel raw materials, parts of them already made into commercial greeting cards and photo books and became the commercial stocks to prepare for selling in the markets. As the historic records of the 2011 overseas travel, all of those materials were extreme high value too. For through such activities, the owner of the company first evidently proved he himself had no any mental illness and was a normal and mental health person, which then also became one of the physical evidences in the court battles showing the judge that the owner himself was a mental health person.  Those materials finally were sold to the company. And the total market value in estimation at that time was about 2 to 3 billions of Australian Dollars ($3,000,000,000.00AUD).

Since the BOOK, the first edition of <<HOLY BIBLE.NEW>>(------The Heavenly Holy Bible), at that time, Xlibris was the publisher and this publisher did not actually owned the BOOK, for it was belonging the author and writer who was the owner and director of the company in the later days. But the BOOK at that time was belong to his own personal property rather than the property of his company's. Therefore it was still an individual asset that not yet capitalization. And the most important reason that the True God at that time was still had not had any message or inspiration that this book to be capitalization. And High Point Flied Chicken was not fitting the situation of the owner’s at that time for at least, it needed a shop to the job. And the business place was not suitable for that business. In that case only those travel materials. Hence, after the traveling, he sole the entire travel materials about 1500 GB and also cameras to his company in a purchasing agreement of $1,500,000,000.00AUD so that the entire travel materials began capitalization. At the first moment of the company establishment, the company already was an enterprise for  it owned the entire business of making and selling those travel materials’ transformed goods, Greeting cards, and photo books, though, finally due to criminals attacking upon the company, such business activities were not generated income for the company. And his company agreed to pay him the amount of $1,500,000,000.00AUD  in a bank cheque for purchasing as the company working capital and also commercial stocks under the terms and conditions of the purchasing agreement between Him and his company. Therefore, as the company at the most beginning, the basic capital and stocks were owned about $1,500,000000.00 AUD. Estimated that it could eared about 3 to 5 billions AUS for about 20 years continuing business in the field.  And the company was in debt at that time, about $150,000.00AUD in total clear up, which did not including the necessary lawful compensation that the owner required the responsible of the medical negligence and battery that have to pay him and his business; and also not including those sufferings due to criminal activities acting upon his company and him individual person as the owner and sole trader of his business, which those responsible should pay by laws. Both of the company capital and stocks estimations and also the debit estimations were based on the market value of the capitals and stocks estimation at that time, which except for the company purchasing capital and stocks appearing in form of a bank check written, that was $1,500,000,000.00AUD. and some physical forms of stocks, Greeting cards and photo books, the company did not have much of the money notes or deposit of money in Bank. And those debts, some of them in some debt collectors, in the ATO and in some banks unpaid figures, such as credit cards negative figures, which was not included some money the owner borrowing from his family. And the total debt also according to that time the market value estimations about $150,000.00-$200,000.00AUD in total. 

At the time the company was found, the Court battles were in progressing, and the outcome was uncertainty. However, in the year 2014, after the Supreme Court judgement was made, the company was lost, due to the reasons that the company did not possess experts’ evidences and could not convinced the Court that the hospitals were medical negligence, though there were some very strong evidences physically exist and submitted to the judge, yet lack of experts’ evidences then became the crucial reasons that the company fail in court battles. The Company would take further legal action in the high court against the two local courts judgements, that was the county court and also Supreme Court’s judgements. Yet careful consideration must be taken for the company still had the fatal weak point that was without experts evidences for the Court battles to convinced the judges that the hospitals were medical negligence. Therefore from that time on, the entire legal action against the hospitals had paused. During this period of time, criminals attacking upon the company and the owner of the company were fierce days and nights never stop and the entire capitals and stocks that were worth much more than $1,500,000,000.00 had been stolen, damaged and destroyed, which almost nothing left over. Computers, printers and cameras, etc, all had been damaged.  Therefore the entire company original capitals and stocks had lost, the entire capital that costed the company $ 1,500,000,000.00 had been wiped out.

However, due to the company taking legal actions against the hospitals and also the BOOK published, therefore the company had accumulated another significant capital materials worth over about five trillions market values,$5,000,000,000,000.00AUD and the major markets of the company capital was the true God's BOOK, and the author and writer had decided to sell it to the company under purchasing agreements after praying to the True God for permission. Since the BOOK published by Xlibris was under the self-publishing agreements, basically Xlibris did not and does not own anything of the BOOK, the entire copyrights of BOOK(First Edition) was completely owned by the Author and writer, therefore, he had full legal rights to make whatever decisions concerning his own property. And he decided to sell this property to the company in the year 2014 and under the purchasing agreement, he sold his property to his company in $5,000,000,000,000.00AUD. and WORLDZHONG PTY LTD had agreed to pay such amount of money to purchase such property from him under purchasing agreement. And this Five trillions AUD was not the original first edition of the BOOK that had published by Xlibris, but it was the second edition of the BOOK under the exact the same title:<<HOLY BIBLE.NEW>>(-----The Heavenly Holy Bible, The Second Edition). The Second Edition was the upgraded of the first editions in the great efforts done by the author and writer of the BOOK that then became the Holy Guide BOOK of the Heavenly Christians in the world. The Second Edition, though, the entire basic principles and teachings were the same as that of the first Edition's, however, there were and are great difference. For it was the True God directly given much more clear and definite instructions and also the crucial meaningful extending teachings and laws as the enhanced and mature completed BOOK of the Heavenly Christians Guide BOOK to be written and published by this company, "WORLDZHONG PTY.LTD." From that time on the entire company focused on book publishing.

<<HOLY BIBLE.NEW>> (---- The Heavenly Holy Bible, the second edition) was an extraordinary BOOK that was and is unprecedented Human Beings written history, no matter its English literature value and its natural scientific value and also true Christian teachings and doctrine were and are all beyond compare even in today. The entire BOOK is high concentrations encyclopedias of religion truths, vivid and beautiful story going extraordinary the brand new and creative English Literature expressions and descriptions and narrations where all rank top in the world and in the literature written history of the entire human beings’. It is the worldwide monopoly intellectual finest product.  Although according the True God’s arrangement, it would have a final version, yet the second edition of this BOOK already good enough as the true Guide BOOK of the entire Heavenly Christians of the world. Therefore its market was especially high and the potential market value even much higher. And the author and writer and editor who was and is the owner and sole director of the company decided to sell this property to his own company in a very low price that was: $5,000,000,000,000.00AUD to his company. And his company cheerfully accepted such offer. Therefore, even in the year 2014 to 2016, the entire company working capital and stocks losses so heavy due to criminal attacking upon the company to wipe out the entire $1,5000,000,000.00AUD.  And the company capitals had increased in market value about up to $8,000,000,000,000.00AUD in total according to very reasonable lower value estimations.

Here are some important company assets and working capitals:

  1. The BOOK, <<HOLY BIBLE.NEW>>(-----The Heavenly Holy Bible, the second edition);
  2. Invention: simplest stove top water distiller;
  3. Ultra thine steel cylinder hole hand drill technique;
  4. Perfect cycle hand drill technique;
  5. Human sense organs unidentifiable harmful chemical(poison) testing and examining technique;
  6. Hard discomposed chemical discomposing technique;
  7. Harmful microwave protection device;
  8. Legal battles procedure and documents that fit for public views parts;
  9. Heaps of documents, letters and formal emails to government, to the united nations, to some cooperation bodies of printing book networks of the company;
  10. Company documents of employments;
  11. Company’s registered  general trade mark;
  12. Company employees’ pay-slips;
  13. Academic Paper: On the Three Fundamental Factors of economics and their elasticity
  14. On neutral philosophy( not yet completed);
  15. Extraordinary Music product, Longest four solo Piano, The Torrent of Life, including original composed sheet music, and many versions(yet one of the best ones had been stolen, the tuning of the version could be recalled)
  16. Music CD stocks, SD cards, with the burned Piano of The Torrent of Life and some other songs.
  17. Movie Script: The Genesis(Not yet complete)     

 In the year 2017, the company began to employ staffs working for the company, and at the peak time of the employment of the company, there were 27 employees were successfully employed. And in that year, the company had grown very serious conflict and dispute with ATO due to the ATO working negligence and loss of duty of care. And the company required ATO paying compensation to the company, which until now there is no solution. In another hand, criminals continually enhanced attacking upon the company so that the company again fell, employees worked off of their jobs without pay and the company debit increasing up to about $2,000,000.00AUD to $5,000,000.00 AUD according estimations of the total debt owned. And the company until today still uphold the views that all the employees of the company should have their work pay and also had their un-honor employment compensation until today, for the major reasons was and even is completely out of the company control. Therefore including all the necessary compensations pay the employees’, the company in debt today already over billions AUD.    

Howbeit, the company has been still standing, we required Authorities and those responsible to pay the company compensation about one quadrillions,$1,000,000,000,000,000.00AUD(one quadrillion AUD) for their all the criminal activities they had done upon the company and the owner and director of the company, which also until now there was no solution.

In the year 2017, Xlibris was further revoked the first edition of <<HOLY BIBLE.NEW>>(The First Edition) and informed the company that the BOOK had a great market future and would like to increase market campaign and also enhanced book review for the first Edition of the BOOK. However, the company considered such matter of the public interests and the BOOK(the original first edition) quality was inner injury due to criminal activities attacking upon, such poor quality should not be sold to the public. Therefore the company then ordered Xlibris to stop selling the first original edition of the book to the public but to wait for revised version to be done and then publish again. At the beginning of the year 2018, the revised first edition had been completed and the author and writer also decided to sell them to the company in about $2,000,000,000,000.00 AUD (two trillions AUD ) including the first edition original and the revised version of the first edition to the company under purchasing agreement.

Meanwhile, the company began develop outside the state of Victoria. First was Western Australia, gained two products: Article: “Journey Towards the West”; and also first time disclose the breaking through new economic idea, “Applying excessive long run finance policy and monetary policy against the short run economy recession” relevant academic thesis is in constructing and far to finish. And then the company developed to Queensland, in Queensland, the company successfully purchased two timeshare properties in very popular holiday resort, and then the company decided to open a new division of Business, that is Travel and Holiday. Meanwhile, the company also developed music products based on the original music products and upgraded such products, especially in piano products. And in the beginning of the financial year 2019, when the first quarter finish, the company also rethink of employed new staff working in the hospitality, and also the other entertainment businesses. According to estimations, the company new business activities had brought new capital gain and capital capacity and capital market value increasing up to about $2,000,000,000,000,000.00AUD (two trillions AUD)of the entire capacity make value that is including all the necessary compensations that those responsible should pay the company due to continue criminal activities attacking upon the company and the director of the company. This new inner capital value increasing on the top of the company capitals value of about $8,000,000,000,000,000.00AUD for long term over 60 years in estimation of today’s market value. And ATO had done the wrong thing again to cancel the company GST role. And the company had been discussed this matter with ATO, and ATO would agree to review and said that a new facilitation with company would be held as both sides have arranged suitable time. The company insisted that ATO must pay the company compensation and those criminals should also pay the compensation to WORLDZHONG PTY LTD. In the conclusion of this introduction, we listed the following new developments of the company in the first quarter and the second quarter of the new financial years (2019):

  1. Article: Journey Towards the West;
  2. Article: Rethink of Human Rights;
  3. Macroeconomics Breaking-through ideas: “Applying long run financial and monetary policy against short run economy recession”
  4. Two timeshares properties, total value about $500,000.
  5. Profit that was the first time of the company gain:$2952;
  6. At the moment, the company has two jobs vacancies: casual room attendants and commission job of marketing of travel goods.
  7. IT service: Web hosting, website design, domain and email service.
  8. Company Website Had Published:  and also,, both of them are worldzhong authorized websites. But the first one is Telstra design and hosting, and the later one is the company designed and published primary hosting by The company also owned the domain,    

Here is the end of the introduction.