The Heavenly Christian is an Open Religion Organization for all people who would like to dedicate himself or herself to the missions bestowed by the LORD God in Heavens and Earth for worldwide true peace, true righteousness, true justice, true prosperity, true happiness and true richness and true beneficial freedom. Simply for building a better world in which all human beings may live together peacefully, respectfully, learning from each other, working and progressing towards a better future, a better nature and a better social living conditions for all people without race, political, religion, economic class discrimination, speech freedom, thinking freedom and also doing goodness freedom. The Heavenly Christians respect everyone human rights, religion free of choice, cultural ritual, and living habits. We are a human culture lover and every one of us will well readjust himself or herself for peace, for goodness and for a better world of the entire human beings, peacefully living with all other people. We are working on the positive and beneficial of entire human beings. Love the world, love the entire human beings, love animals and love the entire nature and love all the true God's creations And in the way of our lifestyle, we prefer serious lifestyle, sincerely love the true God and firmly upholding the inner faith to the true LORD God of the entire universes. We believe in the true God, for HE is True, Real and Living. His teachings were and are and will be the only best teachings, His laws were and are and will be the only best laws, for of these teachings, laws and principles would only be better for all of us, better for our improving our daily life and our whole life. Reading the BOOK <<HOLY BIBLE.NEW>>(---The Heavenly Holy Bible) practice what you had got in your view and mind to obtain real and true understanding, and obtain the true and real beneficial blessings, as you could be possible having suffered or having anything that you must endure, you should not be in fear for you are a true believer and you are True God's people, then you should obtain the True God's blessings. Getting your own experiences, taking note of what you had been blessed, not necessary tell anyone except for telling yourself and keep increasing your true belief and true faith upon the True God. From your daily life and your daily experiences to obtain the true belief that would be from teaching from anyone in this world but from the BOOK, from your own experiences and from your own daily life career, you will find the truths written actually in the BOOK. The Heaven Christian organization meanwhile is an economic organization in which we are always doing out very best to improve our members' lawful, reasonable, positive true benefit and living conditions. Therefore, there are two kinds of members in the organization, one is economical or says, general members who have not had any obligation in the organization except for one condition that is: "You should not openly against the BOOK." You can certainly have your own views concerning the BOOK or even can have your own view secretly disagree with the BOOK or even have the view against the BOOK, but just not particularly in the Heavenly Christians' place to do so. You only need to register for your membership and then enjoy the members' benefits in the entire organization and its businesses. 

However, when you have grown inner zealous and even inner faith towards the true God, then you are advised to become a Heavenly Christian Member. As a Christian member, you will have your responsibilities and obligations in the organization, meanwhile, you would have Heavenly Christian Benefits to enjoy. For more detail please visit the relevant web pages by click on the following either one of two buttons below: